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Welcome to My Site!

My vision for this space, is to create a place where I can share the things I've learned from Spirit. If you're looking for a medium you're in the right spot. You can learn more about my services and book a session using our online system or contact me by phone. 

I have a brand new blog, I hope to launch my YouTube channel in May and there is a podcast on the way. So much of my focus in this life has been on coaching, training, and reading (private sessions), that it just makes sense to move it all online now.

I hope you will check back frequently to see what's new and sign up for our Newsletter.

I was born clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. Growing up, Spirit was always a very active influence in my life. I've learned a lot from my teachers and friends on the other side. I've worked to share their insights.


I’ve taught courses, done work all over Canada for 30+ years, and have been on TV and Radio in all of the western provinces. I’ve met and worked with literally thousands of people and the one thing I hear the most is that people want more… They crave spiritual truth. 

Emotions in the world are very intense right now as everything around us shifts and changes. You may feel lost, lacking purpose in your life. You may be struggling with fear, depression or anxiety. You may have lost someone that you loved very much and are now stuck in what feels like an emotional wasteland. 

Please know that healing is absolutely possible! It just takes the right tools, awareness, wisdom and support. Let me help, let me share with you. 

Your journey is just beginning, each of us walks a spiritual, emotional, and karmic path. With practice, you can live with joy in your heart, peace in your soul, and balance in your life. Truth anchors the soul from within, allowing you to be at real peace, while chaos swirls around you.

Understanding your life path, soul goals, and core systems allows you to navigate life and grow spiritually, all the while living in flow.

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Spiritual Life Coaching for
Soul Transformation

Change Is Possible

What Answers Are You Seeking?

I've been working with psychic energies all of my life and in that time I've learned to work with a number of tools. Rather than get lost in the toys, I use each of them for a specific purpose.

Direct channeling and mediumship are wonderful but time doesn't translate well so I use the Tarot for timelines. I spent a long time describing energy to people who couldn't picture what I was talking about, so I had to learn to sketch it. Then I fell in love with the idea of the crystal ball and worked for years to reach proficiency in its craft.


What I found was that each tool I embraced was especially good for something specific. So when you choose a session with me, you're deciding on what kind of information you want and in what form. I rely on my psychic gifts for the direction I give and receive. Tools are just useful for sharpening messages when they are not as clear as they could be.

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