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How Does Numerology Work?

The Soul Creates a Life Plan

A soul incarnates to achieve specific goals. Even if you’ve accepted a mission that will benefit all of humanity, you're definitely here to overcome restricted thought patterns, release karma, work through fear, heal, and raise your vibratory rate so that you can ascend. This is the place each soul begins from. You’ll do this in your own specific way based on the issues your seeking to resolve. All of this is a choice made by your soul, you, to benefit, you! 

We have free will! We create what is fated for us, before we enter the body. 
This is how free will and fate can coexist.


You begin the incarnation process with a general plan or a list of goals you’re seeking to accomplish. Then you carefully weigh each of the entry options available to you. You examine the life path, personal characteristics, and soul attachments that come with each potential family set. Once you’ve chosen the placement most suitable for your journey, you can move on to create a detailed life plan. 

You carefully sculpt major events (i.e. car accident at 30) into your life path that act as catalysts for change. As you plan, you’re weaving yourself into the life paths of the family you’ve chosen, in a way that benefits everyone’s opportunities for growth. This takes an agreement on a higher level from all involved, so everyone must have the potential to gain from the process. We're all a part of the whole so what we do, needs to benefit everyone involved. 


Karma is cheap! It’s activated when many people will gain from an event or intervention. This is why people with like issues are drawn together into a place of karmic opportunity. There, they have the potential to transform and free themselves from distortion. They can work through issues like hurt, anger, misunderstanding, judgement and their need to control, all energies that weigh down their vibratory rate.


Everyone’s path dances within the rhythm of those around them. It’s a thing of great beauty but as much as it can accelerate growth, it can also make patterns and routine too comfortable to escape from. So we consider every option and build in redundancy as we plot our life path. We choose family that will inspire or incite us towards change. We layer low into our active consciousness: the desire to accomplish certain tasks, the frustrations with certain behaviours, and the need to find new ways to do things.


As a baby takes her first breath, she seals Her Life Path, locking in her destiny.
It's now fate, for the life she has come to lead.
With Numerology we can understand and anticipate her path
and the tools she will need.  

From here on in, she has the choice to follow the script or to veer from it. Key pre-planned moments will potentially draw her back onto her path but she has a huge flexibility in how she will play the game of life. This is the challenge!

The moment of birth is critical for understanding what will come next. If life were a video game, your numerology would tell you; what game your playing, (racing, war, fantasy) what to focus on, the rules you should follow to win, and what you can expect at each level. It will tell you your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and compatibility with your team mates. From here you can make the choices that suit you best and find strategic ways of overcoming challenges quickly.

This is why exact birth times are important! Write down this information and keep it in a safe place. You don’t think you’ll forget, but you will, everyone does. Start a family record and include all major events.

Keep a casual diary of when you meet people, start a new job or buy a car. These are the beginnings of big things to come. I choose my start dates strategically when I can.


The Moment You Start Something Will Determine Its Potential For Success

You're going to attract certain patterns in life over and over in different ways until you resolve the underlying blockage. You may need to change an attitude, overcome a fear, have more compassion, or let go of a bias. Numerology identifies where those blocks are and gives you some clues to identify them. It's really about looking at your life in a different way that empowers you to be your best self. I find it a tool for healing because it allows me to consider the needs and perceptions of other people.

Every soul in body today has lived before. We come with a sense of self and a set of habits we rely on to deal with life. Then, as we grow up, we're shaped by the experiences in this life. All of this affects who we are in this moment. Siblings aren't identical.


Your life path is the game but your experience and who you are will determine your reactions to it and how you play. A hundred students can go to college, take the same class and have their own unique experience. This is what makes life rewarding. It's our differences that make us special. Numerology is the cheat sheet  for accelerated soul growth. If you know what you're doing, you'll know when to act, be still, plan, and resist. You can't forget though, that you're still in control of the journey, you have and will make pivotal choices.

Numerology is just the rough draft of your life. If you like what you read, go forward in flow. If you don’t like what’s there, change what you can at optimal times, accelerate your learning during peak energies and rest during times of potential conflict. Understand yourself and you’ll see your bias, see the challenge coming and face it all with confidence.


You're not in it alone.

Numerology allows you to see into the heart of your relationships. It provides an unbiased, balanced way of considering the needs of each participant. Every romantic relationship starts with an attraction and an agreement to work together. Then we add opposing goals, restricted resources, and miscommunication. The best relationships deal with the same issues as the worst ones. They just make better decisions.


You want to leverage your compatibilities as a strength to bind you together in balance. You want to trust your partner enough that you can let go and let him lead in areas that he is better at than you. You want to lead in areas where you're the stronger partner but you want to do it in a way that serves the needs of you both. This takes communication and self awareness, Numerology can provide that. It can also point out where healing between you is required and give you both the optimal time to seek that connection for healing.

In any relationship the when is as important as the what.

People move through cycles where we are focused on certain issues in our life. If I'm totally absorbed by a big project at work and worrying about credit card debt, I'm not going to be in the best space to talk about a vacation, unless I'm in a 5 year.

There's the surface rush or flow of our life that any observant person can see. But, there are undercurrents which really direct where we're going and how we're feeling. People see the top stuff and think they know where we're at, who we are, but it's the undercurrents that direct or actions and feelings.

Ideally you want to have complimentary cycles where one partner will hit the same cycle six months before the other person does. Then you can enjoy a connection where you're both on the same page craving the same things. You don't want to be so focused though, that it feels like you're always working against each other or doing what one person wants. Staggering the cycles works really well to balance these energies. Staggering also prevents rash decision making and if your birthdays are close together, this is especially important.

How Numerology Can Help the Parent-Child Relationship

How our cycles fit together is important in any relationship, it's something you just feel and it can create a strong attraction or an equally strong desire to rebel.


As a parent, if I understand the cycle my child is in and the flow of that cycle on their timeline, I can make choices that nurture harmonious healthy growth for both of us.

Think of a cycle as an attitude. Every cycle brings its own set of emotional triggers that activate on top of the ones current in our lives. I can tailor the way I share opportunities or restrictions with my child in a way she will be open to. Effective parenting requires that I understand where my child is at emotionally.


Having a focus and goals that mirror our inner desires create a sense of accomplishment and a passion for life.

Choose a direction that fits within your yearly cycle and life path or, whatever you're doing is going to make you feel resistant and even hostile inside. When that's not possible, you need to look for a way to reframe the context of the things you can't change.

If I am in an ending cycle, it's common to just want to run away or quit whatever it is I'm doing. People get divorced and change jobs on a whim in this cycle because things can just seem really overwhelming. Then a year or two later, they can't understand why they made the choices they did.

A wiser course of action would be to redirect those "I'm so fed up" energies into finishing projects and looking for messes you can clean up. I tell people in this phase to make room for next year and to be patient. Take time to do nothing or research what you want to do next but don't start it yet. Focus on the things that have tortured you for years and wait out the new stuff. This is an example of reframing.

Numerology and the Pregnant Parent

Potential and limits are set with your moment of entry into the body. To be clear, this is the moment of birth, not conception. For this reason, mothers choosing a day for a cesarean or inducing, should consult a numerologist or astrologist first, to consider their options.

Intervening with the birthdate can actually change the identity of the occupant soul at the last minute. Remember that every variant is considered with soul placement and planned for in advance. When consciously choosing an entry point for a child, you should also consider the family dynamic and its compatibilities.

The Importance of Naming a Baby

As a parent we usually have very little control over when a child will arrive but we get to name them! Names have vibration, they carry intention with them. People who change their names, change their personality and people immediately begin to see them differently. There’s a reason for this.

I think of names as a form of mediation between conflicting parties. You have a soul who has come to tackle challenging issues. The best way for them to be successful, is to be in balance and at peace. No one wants to live their life being pulled emotionally between extremes, or trying to be something they aren’t. 

A good name will balance the desires, with the needs, of the person who answers to it.  The right name will focus and direct the soul towards a path that is consistent with what they were born to do. 

If my child lacks confidence and personal will with their birthdate, then I can choose a name that is strong and confident to balance that energy out. If my child lacks organizational ability and perseverance, we can add those energies to the name. Sometimes all this takes is changing the spelling of a name or adding in an additional middle name.

The life purpose should be compatible with your soul’s desire, you want to crave the right things in life. There are many aspects to be considered when choosing a name. It all has meaning. I think that’s why we end up with nicknames. The given name doesn’t fit, so universe finds another way to correct itself.

A Numerology Chart for a Child

When I help a family name a child, I look at the life paths for each existing member of the family. This would be Mom, Dad and siblings. If there are grandparents living with the child, I can consider those too. I do this before the baby is born.


When the baby is born I calculate the life path and look at how that child will relate to each family member through the birthdates. The parents provide me with a number of names that they are considering and we discuss what can and can’t change in these options. This may be order of names, spelling, that kind of thing. I go off and run my calculations and come back with options.

I do a full rough chart for the best options and then we sit down and I explain it to the parents. Once they have made their decision I give them a copy of the chart for the name they went with.

The cost of this service is $400

A Numerology Chart for an Adult

I have clients looking to change their names. They may be getting married or just want a change.

I start by creating a birth chart and a Name chart for the name they have used since birth. We look at what works and what doesn’t. We talk about your strengths and weaknesses. If you are getting married, I prepare a chart for your new married name and the options you are considering.

If you are changing your whole name then we prepare charts for the best options and narrow it down from there, much like we would for a baby. When I work with adult clients I also calculate and consider yearly cycles and the 9 year cycle you are currently in. We also look at chart compatibility between you and your significant relationships and how a shift in names could alter that.

The cost of this service is also $400.

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