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The Offer

When you book a reading for yourself and a friend, you can save $20 off the cost of your session. Total savings is $20.

How It Works

When you book two sessions online, the promo discount should be applied automatically. Sessions booked online don't need to be booked back to back. The total charges will trigger the promo. You should be able to split your payment between two cards so that each person can pay for their own session.

You may choose to split your discount with your friend and each take $10 off or save the treat for yourself.

If you are paying cash or in person, the last person who comes for the session may use the discount. You will need the day and time that your friend came for her session to redeem the discount.

If one of you cancels, the full promo will be taken back from the refund.

If you have any questions please give me a call or reach out using email.

Have a great day.

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