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A beautiful sunset with pink, yellow and dark blue clouds.
Vibrant and colorful soul art drawing done by Tara Wade.

Soul Art

Vibrant and colorful soul art drawing done by Tara Wade.

What is Soul Art?

When I look at people I can see different types of energy around them. I learned as a child to differentiate between Aura Energies and soul energy. I began to map the flow of people's energies and learn about what the energies meant. These sketches are known as Energy Pictures or Soul Art.

What's it like to have your Soul Art done?

Most of the sessions I do, look at what is happening around you or, what you're attracting into your life. It's a very reactive kind of approach to... you. It's how we're used to thinking about things but it's equally relevant to consider things the other way.

When I look at the lower energies in your soul, the ones closest to this level of consciousness, I can see so much about you and how you're processing emotionally, spiritually and more.

Energy flows down from your higher self, usually entering in on the right side. As it gets heavier it sinks lower down and hopefully, if you're changing and growing, to the left of the page. The lower something is in your energy the more aware you are of it but your soul's energy is always at work attracting into your life exactly what you need to grow and move forward.

When we pull back and consider how your soul has organized itself, I can tell how you're reacting inside emotionally, the challenges you're currently processing and why that's critical to you. If you can see yourself from this place, see the beauty of your energies and what you're trying to accomplish, it's very liberating. We get so down on ourselves, we're taught to overlook our value and contributions. There are times  you need to step back and really look at your strength, accomplishments and inner beauty. This allows you to gain perspective, grab hold of your joy and to take leaps into the unknown. 

An eye stares out from an abstract night sky.
Amazing artwork by Jozef Klopacka

Soul Art should empower you to learn and grow in ways that are both effective and less emotionally driven. We will talk about where your emotion is rooted, what hinders the flow of your energies. We talk about your guides, what they are trying to help you with and what you can do to speed up the growth your struggling to attain.

What I love most about the Soul Art is that it's like a photograph of who you are at a certain time in your life. I have a number of clients who frame and display them every year or two. It's very cool to look at them set out like that because you can see the energy progression from one frame to the next.

The fear I hear most often is that "I won't like mine, it won't be nice", yet everyone is drawn to their own energy. People who have this insecurity need this reading the most. This is not a session about money or work, its about feelings, creation and passion.

Soul Art is ageless. I have done sketches for newborn children, families and, clients at the end of their life. I have never done a sketch that failed to touch the soul of its subject. People keep the pictures of their soul, it touches something deep inside.

I won't scrunch a sketch up if I make a mistake and have to start over. I have learned that people feel me in their energies and it shocks them when my work is suddenly damaged. I find this fascinating.

Unlike an Energy Scan, Soul Art can be done from a distance. Many clients will ask me if I drew them at a particular time because they felt weird. They are usually right about this.

I hope you will take the opportunity to have your soul sketched. This service makes a wonderful gift.

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