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Psychic Services

Hello and Welcome

Each session covers material in a different way, but each reading is done using Clairvoyance and Mediumship.

During a session, I would prefer not to know much about you. I'll ask for your birthdate and then just read. 

At the end of the session you can ask questions or share if you would like. I just want you to know what I know, before you give me a bunch of hints. If I don't know the answer to your question, I'll tell you.

Book Your Session Now

It's super easy!

Choose between one and three services that interest you.

It can be hard to choose but there are no bad choices. Spirit will make sure that you get the information you need, regardless of what you choose.

Choose the package that works with your budget.

This is the only decision that matters right now as the package you choose determines how much time is blocked off for your session.

Even if you don't know what services you are looking for, we can decide on that the day we meet.

Give me a call between 10am and 8pm mountain standard time at (403) 347-0314.

Step # 1 Select The Services That Interest You

Mediumship, Clairvoyance and Intuition

Tara Wade in blue

This is a reading for people who don't like any tools. I just sit with you and speak. It's my favourite way to read but some people feel exposed when you just know things.

I use all of my gifts when I do a reading, and it doesn't matter what type of session you choose. I will pass on whatever messages I receive.

Soul Art

Soul Art

I begin by creating a beautiful sketch of your soul's energy using pastels and quality paper so that your picture is suitable for framing. I explain what all of the colours, shapes and placement mean for you.

You'll gain greater understanding of your spiritual path and of what your higher self is working on right now. Discover why you feel the way you do inside, and why you are attracting specific issues and events into your life.

Past Life Reading

Tara Wade in blue

A Past Life reading is a great first step towards understanding who you are. Clients seeking regression often find that they gain enough insight from the session to forgo the much more challenging regression.

I go back into one or two lives that are significantly attached to your current life. There are usually direct parallels and issues. I enter at the point of greatest emotional impact and then we work backwards to see what led up to that point before moving forward to see how the life was resolved.


Palm reading

Your life story lies in the contours, colouring and lines of your hands. Your hands change as you do.


Everyone should have their palms read at least once.


They chronicle your love, passions, family, health, career and so much more. When I'm asked to read for children I find that Palm or Soul Art is the best choice. There is something magical about a palm.

Tea Cup


Come enjoy a delicious cup of whole leaf tea and discover what the cup holds for you and your future.

This reading is great for parties, groups or teens. It can be a light, fun reading which touches on many things, rather than an intense reading which digs down into issues.

If you're afraid of the Tarot, consider a tea cup.

The Forecast Reading

Tarot cards

I use Tarot as a timeline when I do this type of session because Spirit is rarely clear on the timing of events.

I do two ten-month spreads. The first covers financial and career while the second shuffle deals with relationship and family. Major life events will show up in one or both spreads.

If you're trying to choose between two directions, or you need to know when something will happen, or you're worried about losing your job, this is your tool.

 Energy Scan

Aura energy

I begin by sketching out your defined auric energies on a body diagram in full colour. I ignore thought forms and mood energies. I look at your physical energies, your chakras and flow. I check for blockages, imbalances, dead energies and places where dis-ease is present in your system. I give you specific tools to work on problem areas.

This is a wonderful tool for anyone concerned with health or self healing. It is not a diagnosis as I am not a doctor.  


Woman with numbers behind her

Using birthdates I'll provide you with an understanding of your life path, your yearly cycles and the cycles of those close to you.

You will gain insight into key relationships, looking at what works and what could work better.

Numerology is a language that connects us to our universal purpose. It defines a path that can accelerate growth on all levels and reveals insight into where you're at and where you're going next.

The Crystal Ball

Crystal ball

This is probably the most misused psychic tool - and the most interesting.

The ball must be properly cleansed and charged with your energy by you, in order for it to work.


I read whatever comes up in ball for you. It is very much like a tea cup as you never know what is coming and it's very symbolic in the way it's read.

Ladies ready for a day out

Booking Multiple Readings

When you come as part of a group you can choose to take your turn alone, or have your friends listen. Sessions can't be shared between adults, but parents may split a package with a child. For groups larger than three, it's best to host a gathering in your home.

If you would like to host a party but you live outside of the Red Deer area, a minimum booking commitment is required. I am happy to work anywhere within western Canada. Call me for more information.

Step # 2 Choose Your Session Package

I would be happy to help you choose between services.

Just pick the bundle that works best for you.

Services Price List

Step # 3 Book Your Session

 Book By Phone

Book Your Session By Phone Monday Through Sunday From 10AM- 8PM MST.

  • Secure the time slot that works best for you during office hours.

  • If you would prefer to pay with cash, please book by phone.

  • If you are looking for a last minute booking this is the best way to book.

  • If you are uncomfortable for any reason booking online, just call.

  • If you do not want to give me your last name, please call to book.

Questions About My Services?

For more information, please check out my Session Polices page.
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