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About Tara

We are living in a time of great change and transformation. The opportunities for soul growth and self-expression have never been so great. 


Each soul has a specific path to fulfill, and their success or failure will impact the whole of humanity. Many of us actively work with Ascension energies, but certain souls are here to help and guide us. 

Tara Wade is one of these souls.

Tara arrived in this lifetime with the skills needed to make a difference in the world around her. From the earliest age, Tara saw and communicated with Spirit. 

As she matured, her ability to see auras developed and communication with her Guides opened to a new level. She established a strong trust with these Guides and began to channel.


People seeking answers were drawn to her and by age 13 she was leading Psychic Circles, lecturing, and doing readings for clients.

Back then there were few psychics around and Tara wasn’t comfortable with the path she was leading. People saw psychics as scam artists, and she was told she would need to find a career.


After a couple of false starts, she felt that she had been diverted from her true path. Tara knew she needed to make a change and surrendered everything to Universe. 


Within a week she found herself standing in a psychic fair being offered a booth at the next show. Tara began touring 44 weeks a year doing fairs, radio, TV, lectures, and teaching courses. She spent over 16 years on the road.


In 2004, she left the show circuit to work from home and focus on teaching. After setting up her first website people began calling from all over Canada and the world. Tara has never changed her phone number or contact information, some of her clients have been coming to her for over twenty years. 


Today, Tara continues to teach and work one-on-one with clients to help them attain their highest good and best self. Choosing a spiritual coach can be a difficult choice but choosing to work with Tara Wade is not.


Tara communicates directly with her Guides and yours to give you the most accurate information and advice. She doesn’t ask you questions – she doesn’t have to. As she channels, the information comes fast. All you need to do is sit back and listen.


Now, more than ever before, people want to understand why they are here, what specific challenges they are working through, and why they attract certain obstacles. 


Tara gives you the best tools for working through your specific challenges. She is honest and direct. She will give you the truth, but she’ll also show you the easiest and most positive way for soul growth.​ If you are looking to speak with someone whom has passed over, Tara can help you with that too. She frequently works with clients who have experienced loss or are preparing for transition. People just seem to find her, when she is needed.

Tara genuinely cares about the clients she serves and the people she comes in contact with. She has committed her life to helping people accomplish their soul's growth so that they may ascend. 

Tara is especially focused on helping people understand their life path, and universal laws. She believes this is critical to maintaining balance as you move through a life crisis.

Check out the communities, course offerings, podcast, blog and YouTube Channel that Tara has in the works right now.

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