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I Turned a Light on for This  

A Blog by Tara Wade

Many a night I wake up to scramble in the dark for my iPad and pencil. My mind races at a frantic pace to understand and get down everything suddenly in my head.

New concepts in my mind are like fire crackers in the night sky. They come out of nowhere, brilliant, loud and suddenly beyond self evident but all the while they're fading to smoke. Soon I won't remember anything about them, except that I was alive and excited about some vague memory for a quick second. I have to capture the detail, lock it in while it makes sense, if I want to remember it later.

For years I've collected these notes and kept them in my journal. They usually mark the start point for me of a journey towards absorbing truth into my life. Sometimes they're a specific message for a client I'll see that day, sometimes they're a point of healing for me in my own life.

In the last four years, I've taken a break from my work to deal with my health, accelerated soul growth and karma. Now, as I look at transitioning my work to an online platform, I'm faced with many options. It was my Guides who suggested that I move some of my morning notes into a blog. Now, I'm excited to see where this goes and what it evolves into.

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