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Tips for Choosing a Psychic

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There may be a problem when:


  1. The psychic tells you not to discuss your reading with anyone.

  2. The psychic charges extra for psychic ability like clairvoyance. Intuitive abilities are always active within a true reader and cannot be turned off.

  3. The psychic stops to read to you from a how-to manual. Remember that you have the right to leave a session if you are unhappy with the level of service.

  4. The psychic claims 99% accuracy (or any other percentage). Ask the reader how they arrive at that number. Most times they are just made up. No proper follow up or study has been done.

  5. The psychic is "The Master of All." Taking one class does not make you a master. Palmistry, numerology, astrology, reiki, etc. can all take lifetimes to learn properly. Beware the "Jack of all trades."

  6. The "Giant Reading" which covers five or six different types of tools in 20 minutes is not necessarily more for your money. It takes time to effectively work with those tools and you may miss the message if you get too carried away skipping from tool to tool.

Be aware of the following to help guide your decision:


  1. Go with your own instinct. Just because your friend has chosen a particular psychic doesn't mean you should choose the same one.

  2. Anyone can put whatever they want on a website, in a pamphlet or on a sign. Each psychic is an independent contractor, even at a psychic fair, and they alone decide what does and does not go on their signs and in flyers. There is no trade association or regulatory commission.

  3. Don't be forced into sitting down for a reading until you are ready. It's okay to say, "I'm just looking thanks."

  4. Sit and listen. A good psychic does not want to know about your life, they just want you to listen. The more you tell them, the less effective they are. Wait until you are comfortable with the reader before going into a lot of detail or just avoid it completely.

  5. Don’t give your last name. When you book a session do not give out your last name. Why do they need it? Without your last name you can’t be googled.

  6. When searching online take the time to read their website to get a feel for who the intuitive is as a person or teacher.

A Quick Warning

Don't ever pay for curses, the removal of curses, or spells.

This kind of behaviour is designed to play on the most vulnerable and desperate in our community. Unfortunately, it's a very common scam and the reason some psychics or gypsies, have a bad name and go to jail.

First off, to place a curse on someone demands an agreement between both parties. On some level the victim must agree to be bound for the curse to work, they must feel guilty or as if they deserve it. It's very dark magic. A practitioner would need to have a real hatred for you to place such a curse. In doing so they also curse themselves and scar their soul.

If you are feeling "cursed" there are things you can do to alleviate this. A change in perception, meditation, prayer, string cutting visualizations, can be effective if used properly. Be aware that it's highly unlikely that someone has actually cursed you.

There are more probable reasons for your circumstances. Changing these issues will require you to take ownership of your energies and then be committed to changing them. Just know it's doable.

Don't ever pay thousands of dollars for rotten eggs, magical charms and the like. It's all just a scam! If someone offers you this kind of deal for thousands of dollars, report them to the police, please!

Don't ever pay to have your karma cleared or to have an old love come back into your life.

We are creatures of free will and reason. The distorted use of these energies over many lifetimes have sculpted our interpretation of self and personal circumstance. Karma is a condition of intense emotion and angst that only healing, acceptance and wisdom can cure. We all have free will, you can't bind someone to you, that's not love.

If you could instantly wash away your karma, you would be a very different person. Everything you feel inside would radically shift and change. You'd either ascend instantly back to God Source or be totally lost in the shock of being at sea with no anchor. Everything as you understand it would be different. How you perceive the world around you would be different. Who you love would shift.

We're emotionally bound to our perceptions and circumstance, as much as we wish to deny some parts and effects. Your desire to let go and heal has to be greater than your desire to cling. There is no magical cure for Karma except to do the work. There are ways to accelerate your progress, to do in a lifetime what would normally take 10 lives to accomplish but that takes a commitment on your part to do the work. If you're interested in doing the work, you could check out my Study page or my Coaching Program.

Your free will got you here.
Only you have the ability to unwind it all and transform.


Accelerated soul growth takes training and practice. You need to adapt to changes as you make them, understand the reasons for change so that you can process it. When you move gradually you can decide what you want to keep or let go of.

You can't pay to have someone do your soul work for you.
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