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A Psychic Medium's Guide To Developing Your Intuition

The world is beyond loud today and it seems like everything happens so quickly. Everywhere we look there's competition for our attention. It's easy to lose track of who we are and what we want, deep down within our hearts. Intuition, that clear connection with your higher self that we should all seek and nurture, is lost in the noise. We don't notice that we've lost something because the drama and demands of our lives keeps us preoccupied. When you set your intention and focus on reconnecting with your higher self, you take action to make your self a priority. Intuition will bloom as the byproduct of this choice and amazing things will begin to happen.

Intuition isn't a skill in the sense that it requires external wisdom to accomplish. A carpenter has a skill set that is based on his other senses. He requires sight, coordination, an ability to visualize his project, he needs to know math and he has to use his physical body to accomplish the task. You can't learn carpentry using only one sense.

Intuition is a sense like smell, hearing and sight. It's a core function of who we are and it should come naturally to us like all of our other senses. You can be intuitive without any of your other senses (or brain) working.

So why doesn't everyone have a strong connection to their intuition, like we have with our other senses?

Imagine a world where no one believed in hearing. What would it be like to live in a place where people were convinced that there was no such thing as sound? Consider the consequences if when someone reacted to sound, they were persecuted for it.

Lets say that your best friend is standing in the field. He hears horse hooves bearing down just behind him. Without thinking, he jumps back out of the way causing the horse to narrowly miss him. It's worse than a close call, It's an act of hearing! Your friend must be in league with the devil, and now people may think you are too. Someone else tells the community what they saw. Your friend is arrested, tried for hearing and quickly burnt at the stake. The Community and the Police have a moral duty to protect everyone else from your friends evil influence.

How would you feel, what steps would you take to assure people that you can't hear a thing, that your nothing like your friend? Chances are you would stand in that square with everyone else and watch him burn because fear and self preservation is a powerful force. How would you justify your behaviour and the choices you were forced to make. Would you come to blame your friend for his fate. Would you be extra cautious with your children to ensure that they were virtuously deaf to the world around them? Is it so hard to imagine that as generations went by, people would begin to think of hearing as nothing more than a scam or fairytale used by scam artists and flakes to make themselves look special.

We like to believe that we live in enlightened times and we do compared with the past. Most burning stakes have been replaced with medication, labels and distrust. Our strongest sense has been reduced to parlor games and something to dabble with for fun. So, why develop your intuitive?

How much smaller would your world be without hearing, how much more challenging would it be? Intuition is a deeper form of hearing that allows you to pick up other frequencies. It's the byproduct of connecting with your higher self so that you may know and trust both parts equally. Like anything in life, there are pluses and there is fear, but knowing your higher self, functioning with your whole self, is indescribably better than living in darkness.

So what's the process and how do you learn. First, find someone who believes that you are more than a chemical flesh bag having a reaction to your environment. This is what psycologists and psychiatrists are taught. If you require an argument for the soul, check out my article here.

If you wanted to become a hairstylist, you wouldn’t look to a mechanic to teach you how to cut hair. You would seek out an expert in hairstyling who was willing to mentor you and learn as much as you could. Why?

You stand the best chance of learning a new skill from someone who possesses the abilities you are seeking. So it follows that if you want to develop your intuition, the best person to go to is someone who is both intuitive and a good teacher.

As someone who was born with intuition and grew up with invisible friends, I’ve always thought of my intuitive as something that was just there, like my legs. Around the age of 12, I reached a point where I had to consciously choose to pursue my gifts. As I got older I came to understand that certain activities shut down my intuitive abilities while other behaviours intensified them.

When I was 14, I joined a psychic circle. I found myself working with people who were trying to grow their psychic abilities. People who wanted to create a direct connection with their higher self, their soul and Source, were very interested in my experiences. I spent a lot of time thinking about “how” I felt things and, what the process was that I used to let go of my brain to feel things. I would go to group and share my ideas and everyone would try them. It was a good way of learning what worked and what didn’t for other people.

When I went on the circuit, two of my most popular and well attended talks were "Building Your Intuition", and "Raising An Intuitive Child."

I would love to share some of the same tips that I shared with them, with you now. If you use these tools they’ll work. The key is to be consistent in your practice, be patient with yourself and be as honest as you can. This journey will push you to be a better person, to live in flow and to grow spiritually. I encourage you to start with this intention.

Choose three tools from the list below that your comfortable with and practice them daily.

Don’t try and do the whole list at once because you won’t be able to maintain a total life change for very long. It’s better to make gradual changes that lead you towards a system that works.

When I use the term intuitive, I am referring to all skills that would be sixth sense related. Any time you know truth, that you have no physical way of knowing, it comes as a result of your intuitive ability. It all comes through the same skillset.

A woman surrounded on golden light holds a drum
Open your consciousness to new potential, learn to work with energy.

1. Protect Yourself

It’s my very strong opinion that the first step to developing your intuition is to protect yourself. When you open your energy to your intuitive and you heighten your sensitivity, you become an open door for whatever wants to come through it, which isn’t always pleasant.

Using a strong protective prayer, spell, or energy technique to create a barrier that keeps the creepy stuff out is the first step. It should be done daily at least once but preferably twice. Think of it as a chore like brushing your teeth. It will keep you safe from many things and it will strengthen your connection to (God) source.

I’ve put together a course that teaches you how to protect, bond, and ground your energy. You can check it out here. If you use these techniques it will take you about seven minutes in the morning and in the evening. Your reward is in creating a space to work with your energies that is separate from everything else around you.

2. Let go of your fear so that you can let down your defensiveness.

Developing your intuition sounds like a really cool thing to do and being intuitive can give you an edge up when you have to make decisions in life. But… there are consequences that come with psychic skill and there can also be a lot of fear.

People want to see the world in a certain way. Knowing when things will happen, or what will happen is not always pleasant. Feeling someone watching you can be really frightening. How other people react to you can break your heart at times. Knowing, can make you feel like it's your fault when it isn’t. At this point in my life, I know what I’m afraid of and I have tools that I rely on to get through it. I have compassion for the fear some people have for me, for what I represent to them. I think it's important to keep that in mind. The world has changed a lot in the last thirty years! It’s wonderful to see more people open to and excited by the idea of developing their intuition.

You need to seriously consider what about this process scares you and then decide if you're willing to deal with that fear. Then you need to learn ways to protect yourself so that you don’t have to live in fear often. If you're not a bit afraid, you fail to understand the potential. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t develop your intuition or that it's not worth it. It's just that fear is usually the reason people tune out their intuition in the first place. Ego is a master at camouflaging fear.

If you ignore this step, don’t be surprised when you find yourself asking to see Spirit or feel something with one breathe and pulling instinctively away from it in the next. The “I really want to see… just not right now, not tonight” thing is more common than you would think.

I’ve grown up with Spirit and I have spiritual beliefs that keep me balanced and sane because I believe in something, and I understand my place in the universe. I can hold onto that belief and use it to guide me and balance me through the rough patches. I know when I’m scared (there’s a weak word) what to do to refocus my energies so that I can be calm, focused, and effective in dealing with the situation.

One of my greatest internal fears is that I will use my gifts for the purpose of ego, rather than doing what is right for the situation. To compensate, I focus on listening and on thinking before I share my premonitions with other people. I don’t want to make situations worse and I don’t want to be disliked or feared for my advice.

Take the time to figure out what you believe in and stand for. Then, don’t cross those lines.

The safest way to build your intuition is to build it in balance with a strong foundation of spiritual beliefs that work for you.Use your psychic skills with the intent to Do No Harm and you will have nothing to fear.

3. Practice quiet.

Create at least one hour a day to live in quiet. By this, I mean create a space where you can hear the birds playing outside, or the sound of a car door closing from some distance down the street. It’s a space with no tv, radio, phone, noise machines etc. Think library quiet, but don’t use this time to read.

Mop a floor, colour, do anything that doesn’t require a brain and just let your eardrums and your mind relax. Go for a long walk by yourself or with your dog. Consider driving to work and back without a radio or, set aside an hour before bed to relax. Just get used to the quiet and don’t try to suffocate it out with “an acceptable noise” like water flowing or soft meditation music.

Resist the urge to kill it by filling it.

Once you are comfortable being in quiet the messages will begin to flow from within. Sitting in the quiet forces you to get comfortable with yourself. Your need for noise is a defence mechanism because your higher self will push forward all of the things you’ve been trying to avoid. You have to go through this stage to get to the good stuff and the more you do it, the more welcome and easier it will become.

4. Be Still

Learn to take a minute or two throughout your day to be completely still. Cease all unnecessary movement and thought and just “be” in the moment. These little breaks allow you to ground, refocus and clear your energies. Your trying to maintain a connection with your higher self that lasts the whole day. In these precious moments your grounding your energies and encouraging the essential flow. You are connecting with calm.

Think of yourself as a rock in the middle of a fast moving stream. The world’s insanity and intensity is the water pushing and lunging against you, but you are the rock, strong steady and prepared. You know where you belong so the water becomes soothing and restorative, softening your sharp edges as it massages you with its motion.

Now change it up. Think of yourself as a leaf on the water. Clean sparkling water, flowing excitedly and with clear purpose in one direction. If you learn to flow with the water, it will take you where you need to go, moving you gently around each rock or obstacle in your path. As you breathe you’ll develop a sense of when to lean, bend and shift your direction to stay in harmony with the flow of the water.

It is the Ying and the Yang of our movement through life. Eventually we learn when to be the rock, when to be the leaf and more most importantly, how to be both simultaneously.

5. Learn Different Breathing Techniques

It sounds simple but learning how to take long deep breaths is important for our physical body and it's critical for intuitive body connection.

When you take full breaths you create suction and flow in your energy body which creates flow and spin in the Chakras. Simply put, it helps to clear out the blockages in your energy system. This helps your intuitive energies flow through your crown, down into your third eye and into your throat. This gives you a better chance of consciously receiving the messages your higher self, Angels and Guides are sending you.

Consider taking a Yoga or Relaxation class where they teach different breathing techniques.

Practice the styles that work best for you, until you can breath comfortably, without focusing on the mechanics of it. Pay attention to how one technique will effect your energy compared to another.

I have a breathing technique for releasing emotion, a second for meditation and a third for centering and grounding myself. I know by how I feel in my physical body which style of breathe I’m craving and which one I need. If I go a couple of days without taking the time to breathe, I feel sluggish, heavy and irritated. This makes complete sense when you understand how your energy system works.

To learn more about how about your energy body and Chakras check out my "Soulutions For Ascension" program.

6. Use breath as a way to connect with your intuition

As you begin the journey of Intuitive Living, there will be times when you feel off track. Maybe the energy in the room is overwhelming, maybe your irritated or overly emotional and you don’t know why. Perhaps you just need to step out of the workday and redirect your energy.

I use this excercise when I have to make big decisions quickly or when I'm stressed out. If I can’t quite grasp what's on the edge of my brain or I need to regain my balance, I take a moment for this. The times when the message is barely a whisper and it's driving me nuts, this works. Ok I use this technique all of the time! It’s much better than brooding and the answers I have received in this space have been some of the most powerful messages I have ever received. Its also good for the Chakras!

Work this exercise into your day and you won't regret it. You want to find a breathing technique that you're comfortable with first. It Should leave you feeling centred and relaxed. This exercise will take you 8 - 10 minutes but it can be adjusted for time. Don’t shorten your breaths, instead drop the second round of breathing.

A woman sits in the lotus position as energy flows in and around her body.
Deep breathing techniques open the Chakras and promote healthy energy flow.

The process

It's best to do this technique standing against a wall or sitting down. It's based on using breathe where…

The Inhale

You start with your focus just below the soles of you feet. (Move your mind there)

As you inhale, breathe in from the bottom of your feet and pull your breath deeply and smoothly upwards. (let your mind rise with your breathe) Feel your chest slowly expand as you continue to push your inhale.

Feel your breath and your energy rise.. Up through your legs.. Up into your pelvis and into your spine, up into your stomach.. It continues up through your heart, throat and out through the top of your head. This is the inhale.

It follows the spine and as you reach the crown of your head, your lungs should be at absolute full capacity.

Note: Visualize your breathe as vibrantly coloured energy.

Choose Forest Green for healing or physical energy, Big Bird Yellow for focus or Violet Plum for emotional release. I don't advise pulling Red or Bright Orange for this exercise.

The Exhale

On the exhale your going to pull God Source Energy in from above the top of your head… letting the breathe slowly fall through your body… all the way out through the bottom of your feet and into the earth.

Note: Visualize this energy as white with flecks of Gold or a Very Soft Pale Blue for emotional strength.


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